Friday, February 11, 2011

Unrighteous Dominion: Chapter 1

The Memorial of Meteora
As written at the base of the pinnacle of the explosion
Honest and uncensored lest we forget the horrible event

     The explosion ripped through the halls of the monastery, instantly incinerating the small weeds that had taken over the tiny cracks in the cobblestone hallways. Nothing stopping it, the rampant inferno raced from room to room. The searing heat, burning right through the stones, it scorched the flesh off the bones of the monks. Their souls shrieking inhuman screams of torment as they were torn from their earthly forms, their moaning complaints will haunt the towers of Meteora forever. Debris flying through the dusk air mocking the peaceful serenity of the Greek sunset will be forever remembered as the end of the beginning and the start of the finish.

Chapter 1
BEEP BEEP BEECLICK ... Nine minutes pass in the dorm room of Christian Renfrew and his room mate Adam Michel.... BEEP BEEP BEEP "Dude turn off your ‘BEEP’ alarm, ‘Click’
Adam lets out a long yawn. "Alright I'm up."
"Why do you get up at five in the morning if you don't have classes till eight?"
 “I get up and meditate down stairs in the gym. No one is ever there so it is nice and peaceful." replied Adam as he put on his socks.
"Why do you meditate? I mean, I find sleep way more important than pondering nothing all morning." Chris said sarcastically as he rolled over in his bed.
"I don't just ponder nothing, as you say,” Pausing to throw a random shoe at the lump in his roommate’s bed. “I focus my energy for the day, I go over goals, life, everything even homework. I find that I do everything better for the rest of the day if I meditate in the morning. It was something that I picked up from my social worker when I was twelve. Since then, I have done it everyday. You should try it." Adam was just finishing up putting his things in his backpack, was heading for the door when Chris spoke up and jumped out of bed.
"Sure I'll come. I’ll try it, anything to pull up my GPA." He shrugged. Then he saw that Adam was on his way out the door. "I'll meet you down there." Chris said not wanting to keep his roommate waiting.
The TV in the lounge caught his eye as he walked through and it gradually slowed his steps until he stopped right in the middle of the lounge. The news was on; it was showing a clip from a helicopter camera shooting the remains of one of the monasteries of Meteora, huge stone pinnacles in the center of Greece. The TV screen had the red alert border around it signifying a terrorist attack. The news reporter was firing off statistics: all three hundred monks living in the monastery dead. Remains not found, millions of dollars in damage. Then the TV showed a small clip showing the actual event. The clip looked like it came from a camcorder, probably some tourist filming the sunset but caught the explosion instead. The reporter’s voice droned on and Chris was going to leave when something caught his ear. “The explosion is believed now to be of an unknown origin and is a new weapon developed by terrorists. There was no accelerant or an explosive used, and scientists are baffled at how the horrific blaze could have happened. The western world is terrified at this new ability the terrorist underground has found.”
Chris put the story together in his head. The terrorist group came up with this new weapon and needed a way to show the world they had it. Therefore, to show the world their new power they attacked the only things that were completely neutral: Monks. Poor defenseless monks that if killed would stir the whole world, not just the United States, into action. What Chris could not understand was what type of weapon it was. It did not make sense, for there to be a fire there had to be an accelerant. Then all of sudden he was snapped back into reality.
 “Whoa, Chris you’re up early.” It was Sheryl, the cute blonde, who lived in the other wing. She was lying on the couch. She looked gorgeous in her skintight pink Capri pajama bottoms and white low cut tank top. She flipped her blonde curls over to her other side of her head as she stood. She was the only other person watching TV probably the only other person up on the Floor. “What are you doing up so early. I never see out of your room till five minutes after your class started.”
“Ya, I’m heading down to the gym to meditate with Adam. What are you doing up?” Chris tried not to stare at Sheryl in her skimpy outfit. Everyone on the floor knew Adam and Sheryl were together but were not official.
“I don’t sleep much, too much on my mind.” She said smiling, looking incredibly good, too good. Chris was not going to let Sheryl start a jealous feud with him and Adam. She loved drama in her life and did whatever she could to get it.
Chris Just shrugged; he did not want to hear about it now nor get involved. “Love to stay and chat but I have to go, Adam left half an hour ago.” He finished his sentence as he was running down the stairs, not giving Sheryl a chance to answer.

Sheryl had always thought Chris was cute. Cuter than Adam but Adam was the bolder one and she had taken him when he made the first move. Chris intrigued her though he was secretive. He did not date many people or have many friends but he still managed to know everyone and everyone knew him. His rugged good looks were particularly accentuated today, as he was up early and had not shaved yet.
The conversation with Chris had disturbed her. He seemed to focus way to long on the television when it was showing the news about the tower explosion. He stopped long enough to look at the news, but not at her, maybe that is what had disturbed her. She took pride in her skimpy pajamas and loved to show them off but Chris had not even taken a glance down at her half-covered chest or her other curves that the skintight pajama’s had shown off.
To be honest, Adam was great, she had no reason to move on and try anything with Chris. All the same, she liked him a little bit less now then she did five minutes before.


Hannah said...

So, yeah, wow. I really like it so far. What sort of feedback were you looking for? I found some grammatical stuff and had some wording ideas, but I didn't want to seem nit-picky. I'm anxious to read what comes next.

Not the Hero said...

Umm grammatical and spelling stuff I'm not too worried about. This is still a work in progress and will probably end up rewriting it another 17 times before I'm actually happy with it.

however that being said. Point them out and I'll fix em.

Jeff said...

Awesome stuff!

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