Monday, February 28, 2011

Unrighteous Dominion: Chapter 4

Out in the foyer, Cathrine sat in her trance like state. She had heard everything that Adam had done to Jason. She knew his wrath was terrible and she was terrified to stay and work for him but she owed it to Tian to stay here.

Tian was a strange man. He kept to himself. It was eerie to be in the same room or walk with him. The man never made a sound when he moved. The only sounds he made were with his voice. That was eerie for a regular person. For an Able, as she referred to what Adam called Changers, she should have been able to hear his heart beating and his lungs inflate and deflate. With Tian she, no matter how hard she tried, could not even sense his unique energy that normally comes from every living thing. She owed him so much, including the knowledge that made her an Able, and if he wanted her to stay in the office of this lunatic then she would.
Tian had saved many of them like her. Able, who had no one to turn to or no idea what they were doing, even some of them who were misguided, the Able that would have ended up like Adam, all power hungry and no morals. All of us now would die for him. All he had to do was ask it of them and they would do it.
Just as she realized what Adam was doing, it was too late, Adam burst through the door in a rage. "Cathrine, you have some explaining to do!" Adam had sensed her while she was in her trance, and now knew she was an Able.

Adam sent the thought patterns automatically. He threw the stream of accelerated air right at her, hoping to push her into the wall and restrain her but before he could fire off his first question, he realized that the bolt he sent at her did not even reach her. Then he felt it the icy pain of extreme cold, and wondered what she was doing. He did not have time to ponder for too long he fell into unconsciousness.

Cathrine had panicked and had done something she had no idea she could do. She had seen Tian do it but she did not know what it even was. She could not consider it for long because just as she lost her concentration the frost on Adam’s lips started to disappear as well as the frost marks he had made as he hit the ground. She decided it would be best if she left. She ran as Tian taught her to, so no one could see her. She ran through the shadows and away from crowded streets, taking back alleys and residential streets.
It was while she was running down a back alley that she felt their presence. She slowed, sat, and waited for them to show themselves. There was not much point in looking for them. Then they appeared right in front of her. John and Jim were seventeen but they acted like little kids. They still thought it was funny to jump out at people.

 “You know you don't scare me when you do that."

 “We know. Tian wants to see you."

She never could understand exactly how John and Jim worked. "How is it exactly that you find people and track them?" She asked as she began to get up and follow them out into the bustling street at the edge of downtown.

The two boys looked at each other and said at the same time, "We can tell her. She won't be able to do it." They both laughed. When they finished laughing, they started to explain. "You see we’re maternal twins, and as you've heard twins can have similar thought patterns and such. Well for us they’re identical; in fact we share most of our thoughts."

They went on to explain that they each only had one of the Able ability and as far as they knew they were the only ones that had them.

"John can bend light and make him and whatever else he wants, invisible.” Jim said with a smirk.
"Jim can sense peoples energy trails. If it is someone he wants to follow, he can. He can also absorb sound energy. You can sense energy too can't you Cathrine." John inquired.

"Yes but that is only if they are in the room and all I can do is sense basic vitals."

"Oh," said Jim "I sense those as well as peoples’ emotions and if they are injured, and roughly how old they are…."

John cut him off "So together we make the perfect tracking team."

All Cathrine could imagine was what if Adam got his hands on these boys or someone like them. She shuddered at the thought.

They walked the rest of the distance to Tian's loft in silence.


Adam woke up with a massive headache and moving hurt everything. Cathrine was gone. However, he had an answer to one question. He did not train all the Changers out in the world. This thought alone enraged him. The fact that one was in his office spying on him made him furious.

He let go of his rage when he heard the phone ringing. "Hello, you have Adam."

"Knock, knock" came the whisper on the phone. The doors on the elevator blew open sending shards of metal into the furniture.

There was enough heat in the explosion alone for Adam to get enough energy to block the shards and move at the speed that only Changers can. The men moved slowly as they swung in and off the rappelling ropes into the room. Some rolling to the sides popping up in position guns at the ready, others stood by the sides of the elevator door, eyes to sights. All eight poured into his foyer, only to find him gone and hear his office doors slam shut and bolt into place.

Adam moved as quickly as he could to orientate himself. Jason was gone; he must have woken up and left. The question crossed Adam’s mind briefly, as to why Jason had not killed him when he was unconscious on the floor. There was still the mess to clean up and he did not even know where to start. He was standing looking confused but he dropped out of the trance when he heard the knock.

 “Adam you may want to open your door we have a message from an old and pissed-off friend.”  

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