Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unrighteous Dominion: Chapter 6

Christian sat on his couch with a glass of wine and waited for the phone to ring. He knew Cathrine would not let it be settled that easily. Chris, the young man from the university still considered missing, but Tian was a thriving businessman who made his fortune in real estate. It all started when he had wanted to disappear. He changed his name illegally then joined the army. He advanced through the ranks of the army fast. He was recruited to be a special ops agent; he was an assassin. The government paid him well to kill the people that they didn’t want around anymore. He made himself disappear again when he heard about Adam’s Changers. He returned with enough money to start his investments and then he started with the training of the Able.
 Tian’s life was laid out on paper and was out in front of him; all of it except his finances that were a little too complicated to put on paper.  He was sad that he never let anyone close to himself; he guarded his secrets so closely. The Phone Rang he didn't even have to look at the caller ID "Hello Catharine,"

The response drowned in tears and sobs. "Tian ... whatever your last name is you won't get rid of me that easy.... And what is this you dismiss me with a note and a wad of cash..."

Tian waited until she droned off into sobs, "Come over I have some things you need to see." He hung up the phone.
Adam smiled at his good fortune. Sheryl the Blonde bombshell was more than happy to call off her goons, the ones that destroyed his lobby, once they had a talk. Of course, during this, heart to heart Adam was about thirty yards away strapped with enough c4 explosive to destroy a parking garage and Sheryl stood with the detonator and about fifty guards with large assault weapons.

"Why did you screw me like that?" She yelled.

"Like what?" Adam was so confused. He had not seen Sheryl since he left School.

"You left me to tell the Police everything about you and Chris. I can tell you they weren't pleasant."

"What are you talking about?"

"After you left that mess in Little Italy, Chris left that mess on campus when you both disappeared. The Police were going to come to the girl you were sleeping with."

"Wait, Explain Why would they care about Little Italy and Chris well isn’t' he dead now?"

She walked onto the grenade range. “You’re so dense, aren’t you, so caught up in your own little world. Chris burned down a building without an accelerant. Just like the monasteries the week before. They figured he was a terrorist. You were on probation, and disappeared, implicated into a double murder in Little Italy, which never made it to the courts,"

"What are you getting at Sheryl?"

"What I’m trying to say is you left me a fledgling Changer, as you call them now, to be interrogated."

"Ya, so they questioned you, whets the big deal."

"They had a mage Adam. The police had a mage."

"What do you mean mage?"

"Fine a changer whatever you want to call it. There are no laws as to what a changer can and can't do to someone in interrogation."

"Sheryl you’re not making any sense."

She got really close and whispered    "Adam think Changers have been around a lot longer then you it’s just now more and more people are doing it and there are more and more abilities. Governments have known for a long time. They wanted to keep it under control. Changers on the loose could cause many problems. Even now the government is using you, you have to send a list of everyone enrolled in your, so-called, school to the government; they know every person you’ve trained. The government sent me here to deal with you. Adam they want to know what your motivations are. They sent me here to either kill you or get you on our side. Adam we need changers, we need them in police uniforms, we need them in the army, we need them in every aspect of our lives, and you’re the one that can provide them, we… I will give you anything you want, anything.” She had been walking toward him and was really close to him now and at this she took the opportunity to nibble his ear, sending shivers down Adams spine.

Adam knew what she had been after, although Adam had bigger plans he decided to give her what she wanted. After they had finished with the formal interrogation, they went back to Adams building. He lived on a couple of the lower floors as his personal suite. Sheryl was most impressed with Adam and his unique abilities. She was even willing to help him find Cathrine, after he told her the story of her spying on him.
They went up to the office, and to Adams surprise, the doors had been fixed as well as everything else. Adam just looked at Sheryl,

"I told you we needed you. That whole swat thing, it was mostly just to show you what we are capable of, if crossed. Oh, and by the way Chris isn’t dead, he goes by Tian and he used to work with me in the same government program I’m in. He thinks the government thinks he’s dead. We know better. Shall we go find this Cathrine? I can only assume that she is working for Tian. He left the program right after you announced the opening of your school.”

“Very interesting.” Adam had only thought he was angry before. This? This was a completely new feeling of rage.

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