Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unrighteous Dominion: Chapter 5

Tian's loft was gorgeous. Cathrine had no idea how he could afford to live downtown in such a large space. His loft was on the fifth floor of an old power plant and factory, quite a large building making for a large loft. The completely remodeled building had windows that encompassed the top two floors, replacing the old red brick. Therefore, the room the boys had told her to wait in had an amazing view of the river. There were hardwood floors and expensive looking paintings. His kitchen, which was open to the living room, filled with stainless steel appliances. His cupboards were oak and his counters were marble. Because of how poor Cathrine’s family had been, she had never been allowed into such a nice place before she met Tian. Here she was sitting on a Corinthian leather sofa waiting for the man to whom she owed her life.

            They had met in a Club just after she had broken up with her boyfriend of five years. Frank, her boyfriend, had told her that she had to find her own ride home and that her stuff would be on the lawn waiting for her when she got there. Tian had walked up to her while she was crying with her head down on the bar, tapped her shoulder and said, "Excuse me, do you need help with anything? You look a little glum." She had stood up and just hugged him; he was not offended he just hugged her back. She thanked him but explained that she would be fine and the hug was all she needed right then. They had a couple of drinks and it was later when she was leaving the club that she had really needed him. Her bastard of an exboyfriend was the jealous type and was not very happy that she met a new guy already. He was outside with all his friends when Tian walked Cathrine out to her car. They rushed Tian and Cathrine in the parking lot. Cathrine does not remember the fight because she had been hit on the head early on. All she remembers is waking up on a couch in a large living room, with an ice pack on her head. Tian was sitting at her feet and smiling. He said, "Wow you took a good one to the back of the head. But I don’t think they will be bothering you again."
She later learned that most of her ex-boyfriend’s friends were carrying guns but Tian was fast enough that they never had time to use them. All the guys that had been waiting outside the bar now understood the meaning of what an Able person was and what they could do.

That night Cathrine had tried to sleep with Tian but he gently refused and said he respected women too much, and that was not what he was looking for from her. Then he did the most amazing thing; he created a fireball in his hand. The fireball just floated in the air above his hand about three inches in diameter. The ball twisted and turned on itself like a liquid fire that could burn forever, it never gave off any smoke. That was the night she learned she was an Able. Looking back now, she wondered if Tian had known she was an Able when he first met her at the bar.

She had not noticed it but with her thoughts drifting, she had summoned a fireball in her hand. Tian and the twins had walked into the room and had been watching her drift in thought. The Twins were standing next to him when Tian spoke.

"Nostalgic for the old days?"

The question snapped her out of the past and into the present, instantly sending her fireball into non-existence, the flames crackling as they died. All of a sudden, Cathrine was furious at Tian. "How can you just walk in here and be all happy? Adam tried to kill me today. I think you owe me an explanation."

"I agree. I do." Then he turned to the twins "Would you excuse us?" he waited until he could not sense them in hearing range. "I am so sorry Cathrine. I had no idea Adam would be so violent. I assume he found out you are an Able and that’s why he wanted to kill you?"

"I was listening in on Adam and one of his students. Then Adam started to trance before I could get my energy under control and he found me out."

"Hmm. What were Adam and his student talking about?"

"It was Jason, he's badly hurt now. He was responsible for the Gun that Demo left behind. You know the one that Adam believes has special powers. Jason failed and then questioned Adams intentions with the gun. So Adam beat him, quite brutally too. "

Just then, Tian’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket. "Hello?" There was a long pause, and then he covered up the mouthpiece. "I'm sorry Cathrine but I’m going to have to take this. You have been so helpful, go home and rest. There is an envelope on the kitchen table for you."

Cathrine walked over to the table picked up her purse and the envelope. When she got to the entrance, the twins were there, waiting for her.

"So did you find out any of his past?" Jim inquired as he got up from the Hall bench.

That is when Cathrine realized she never got her explanation. "No I didn't. I hate how he does that; he can convince you he is telling you something when really it's you who is giving up all the information."

"Ya, you should try living with him.” John sneered.

John and Jim have lived with Tian ever since Tian found them both dying from hypothermia out in the snow. Their parents had abandoned them. From what the boys had told Cathrine, their parents were abusive anyway. They were happier with Tian. Even though they did not know anything about him or where he got his money. "It is uncomfortable living with someone you don't even know." said John.

Cathrine gave them both hugs. "Thanks for being there for me tonight." Then she excused herself, and left the building.

Exhausted she got to her small apartment. The emotions of the day had totally depleted her, yet she knew she would not be able to sleep for hours. The envelope that Tian had given her had a wad of cash as thick as her hand. There had been a note attached to it, which read, "This is for lost wages. Your debt is paid. I’m sorry for the attack on your life, and I understand if you never want to see me again" then she noticed the signature. She couldn't read it but the name was definitely longer then Tian. She jumped up from the sofa and started looking for a magnifying glass. 

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